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If you can think it, you can do it.”

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Education, clothing, food, and housing are four key components to success in life. Without one, you simply cannot have the other. As a Doctor of Music, my personal mission has always been to educate my babies around the world on the importance of music. Music is an incredible form of expression. When used kindly, it can become a powerful tool in raising awareness and helping people truly in need achieve these four fundamentals.

Kind Music Academy offers a hands-on curriculum where kids teach kids. Under the guidance of my son, Damon, who I’ve personally watched grow from his experiences to become one of the most sought-after songwriters, composers, engineers, and producers, KMA will be an undeniable success.  

Our mission is to empower our babies to sustain a long, honest career while helping the next generation do the same. 

Like I always say “if you can think it, you can do it”


Kind Music Academy is excited to provide an opportunity for a group of young artists to share their gifts. Too many talented individuals just need a space and a chance. The Ohm Zone Studio provides a comfortable environment where kids from all walks of life are welcome to come through with the freedom to be creative, get real, and express themselves. I envision multiple rooms filled with students, most likely sixteen to twenty-one years old, collaborating and teaching each other.

Damon Elliott

“The youth is our future. The only thing we have on them is experience.” At KMA, our curriculum is to show up and create. While students will be mentored by Grammy Award living legends like my mother, Dionne Warwick, I cherish the idea of Kind Music Academy being a place where kids teach kids. 

Our first two students are Sierra Sky and Jared Freedman. Their insane talent earned them their first release of the official remix of “Nothing’s Impossible” by Dionne Warwick and Chance the Rapper. I have never been more excited about music than I am for my two “kiddo’s” upcoming projects. 

Our Goal isn’t to mold artists into today’s version of a superstar. We strive to give young, ridiculously talented, and authentic individuals an outlet for their music, and thus a chance for success in this industry. At KMA, our artists can paint with whatever colors they choose; our only job is to help them stay on the canvas.

Damon Elliott Co-Founder

Sierra SkyFounding Student

Jared Freedman – Founding Student

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